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CATO BoQ Production NRM2/POMI

Monday 30th October 2017, 12:00pm - 12:30pm GMT

In this free webinar, our expert panellist will give you a taster of some of the huge benefits that having the market leading cost management system can bring to your business. 

You will be able to request a CPD Certificate at the end of the webinar.



  1. Creating Descriptions
  2. Adding Measurements
  3. Integration with BIMMeasure
  4. Exporting to CITE/Excel
  5. Importing Priced Tenders (single click)
  6. Tender Cost Analysis
  7. Q&A


Tim Cook, Global Account Manager

Tim is a trained QS and IT applications specialist with main emphasis on Causeway’s CATO Cost Consultants Software including both the CAD & BIM Measurement applications. Tim is also the global account manager for Causeway’s key strategic CATO customers.


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