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Introducing Estimating.

“Causeway Estimating has had a direct bearing on an increase in our turnover and win rate, has enabled me to double my workload and has helped increase margins by up to 5%. The system pretty much paid for itself instantaneously.”

Dave Bennett, Cheesmur Building Contractors

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Causeway Estimating

Causeway Estimating provides powerful, easy-to-use tools covering all aspects of estimating, including BIM take-off, eTender, adjudication, and reporting.

Causeway's Estimating software is used widely by all types of contractors, from main contractors to specialist sub-contractors such as multi-disciplined, civil engineers, highways, house builders, interior fit out, building envelope, reinforced concrete frame contractors, and many more.

Estimating for construction contractors cuts traditional tender enquiry costs by up to 50% while providing enhanced visibility of net cost and value. This advanced tendering software helps contractors to win more profitable work, manage costs, increase effectiveness, and reduce risk.

Estimating Feature Screenshots

Performance gains for you and your team

Tendering process

Manage the enquiry process in one platform (via eTender)

A cloud-based system operates as an estimator’s virtual assistant, providing a fully automated enquiry process and service for documents and bill items completed with email notifications.

Data accuracy

Improved data accuracy / mitigate risk

Core functionality provides dynamic linked screens with views of summarised data along with its source.

Save time

Faster data entry and minimisation of data duplication

Advanced find functionality allows for speedy access of previously used data, without the estimator having to remember where and when the data was entered.


Win more bids

Estimating data structure flexibility enables estimates to be built, fully complying with client requirements.


Faster, more accurate intelligence (via Analytics)

Dashboard tool delivers graphical analytical information, showing overall estimating performance, and risk.


Improve job throughput

An easy-to-use, simple interface along with drag-and-drop enabled rapid data entry streamlines the estimating process.

Multi-user access

Improved business systems performance

MS SQL server embedded within the Estimating software provides powerful performance, including enhanced multi-user access.


Simplify licensing

Use of Causeway’s web based licensing tool enables products to be quickly and easily licensed online.

Data security

Improve compliance

Causeway is ISO27001 accredited, therefore data security is guaranteed.

Causeway Estimating Bundles

Causeway Estimating provides powerful, easy-to-use tools covering all aspects of estimating, including BIM take-off, eTender, adjudication, and reporting.


For those who require a powerful yet simple-to-use estimating solution

  • Estimating
  • Tender register
  • Report portfolio
  • Includes a single library
  • Spreadlets
  • eTender
  • BIMMeasure
  • Analytics
  • CRM integration
  • Causeway Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Livestax


For those needing a fully-functional estimating solution and ability to analyse estimating KPIs
  • Estimating
  • Tender register
  • Report portfolio
  • Includes a single library
  • Spreadlets
  • eTender
  • BIMMeasure
  • Analytics
  • CRM integration
  • Causeway Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Livestax
Training courses

At Causeway, we are committed to providing ongoing support for our products. We have a range of training courses, where you can learn about all the latest techniques and tips that will allow you to use Causeway Estimating more effectively.

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Estimating is a fully analytical estimating software system that is flexible and easy to use, providing true-multi-user operation, improved productivity, and enhanced accuracy. Drill-down functionality through all data structures allows the user to see where values are located within the estimate, thereby exposing potential risk items.

Estimating supports all industry standards for electronic import of BoQ data (CITE, Excel, CSV, TXT etc.) with advanced Excel import functions to accelerate the process of importing estimate data from source documents.

An advanced find is built within the Estimating system, allowing the search of previously priced items and resources. These items can then be copied into a new project via drag and drop, providing a rapid way of re-using previously priced “similar” items. As a result, previously priced estimates immediately become a database for use in the future.

Tender Register

Tender Register provides list of estimates priced in the system, and allows the creation of reports by date, estimate type, and status (won, lost, pending etc.). This helps with the regular reporting of tender throughput in the estimating team.

Report Portfolio

Report Portfolio provides summary of key estimating data into a single excel spreadsheet, each worksheet within the spreadsheet will contain key reporting information such as tender adjudication values, summary of resources used in the estimate, summaries of subcontractor and supplier quotation comparisons, etc.


Spreadlets increases productivity further by allowing providing the ability to link spreadsheets to Causeway Estimating. Any changes made in your spreadsheet are instantly reflected in the estimate, making complex calculations easy and your workflow more flexible. Estimates can have one or many Excel spreadsheets, which can be linked to individual items or any combination of items/spreadsheets.


eTender, which allows businesses to send and receive subcontract and supplier enquiries, automating not only the sending out of the enquiries but auto-notification of changes, reminders and supplier queries. Tender returns are also returned straight into the estimating comparison view. In fact, eTender becomes the estimator’s virtual assistant.


BIMMeasure allows integrated measurement directly from models and drawings in 2D, 3D, and BIM formats. The iTrace function speeds up the process by automatically detecting whole lines or areas. Causeway Estimating provides a drag and function, thereby eliminating the need to re-key items between platforms. BIMMeasure supports dwg, pdf, jpg, tiff, bmp, ifc and many other drawing file formats.


Analytics gives you complete graphical visibility of your live estimating data. Tailored dashboards help your business understand the key performance indicators of the estimating process and pinpointing efficiencies. This tool can be used to create graphical chart style reporting such as tender win rates, value of work won per month over a 12-month rolling period, etc. All of which assist with the running of an engaged and successful estimating team.

CRM Integration

Estimating can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The CRM system can obtain relevant data directly from your estimating teams, Causeway Estimating server. This avoids any duplication of effort entering data into both systems, and also improves efficiency.

Construction industry database libraries

Construction industry database libraries can be supplied, fully resource priced in SMM7, NRM2, CESMM4 and MMHW formats. It’s also very easy to create your own bespoke library content from previously priced estimates in the system, and through import of pricing data from other sources.


Valuations is used by surveyors and commercial managers to import data directly from Estimating with Excel-like functionality, enabling fast production of client, internal and sub-contractor liability valuations. Automatic production of anticipated cost information supports monthly CVRs.

Planning Integrator

Planning Integrator allows estimating data to be mapped to the project plan structure and placed directly into Primavera P6 (and coming soon to ASTA PowerProject), providng an integrated cost and schedule baseline programme.

Customers efficiency gains and cost savings

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With increased tender production

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From take-off through to reporting

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Proven time and cost reduction

Proud partners

At Causeway, we pride ourselves on being more than a provider. We pride ourselves on being your partner.

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Frequently asked questions

    • Causeway Estimating is offered as a subscription service because it is an efficient way to utilise software while minimising cash flow impact and maximising tax benefit.
    • As a customer, you are able to pick the Bundle that best suits your needs. This gives you access to a variety of productivity tools at a compelling price point.
    • You need to pay for the annual subscription based on the minimum term that was discussed when you purchased Causeway Estimating Bundles.
    • No, the prices quoted for the Bundles are based on an annual invoice.
    • Yes, you can always upgrade. For example, if you pick the Professional Bundle as best meeting your immediate needs, then find yourself needing CRM integration, you can move to the Enterprise Bundle at the difference in cost.