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SGN Group is making it faster, more cost-effective, and more environmentally-friendly for you to submit your invoices through to them with Causeway Tradex, a dedicated construction e-invoicing platform.

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The move to electronic invoicing

I’d like to welcome you to our new SGN Group Tradex Invoice Management Portal, which is now live and working.
Right across SGN we’re committed to working openly and honestly with all our stakeholders and suppliers as we know it’s only with your support and goodwill we can achieve our objective of keeping our customers safe and warm.
Our success in doing this is of course totally dependent on an effective and efficient ‘purchase-to-pay’ partnership with our entire supply chain.
Therefore I’m pleased to say we’ve now partnered with a company called Causeway Tradex, to automate our ‘purchase-to-pay process. The aim of this is to deliver mutual benefits for both ourselves and you, our trusted suppliers, in what is both a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
Within the process you’ll find a range of connection options available to you which will best suit your own processes and requirements.
Along with my whole team, I’d really appreciate your co-operation and support and we look forward to welcoming you as a valued part of the SGN supply chain. so your prompt attention to establishing a live connection with us will ensure you can benefit from the efficiencies the Tradex platform offers us all.
Finally, If you need any help in getting set up or have any questions on the system please email us on
With best regards,

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You're joining the largest construction e-invoicing network

Causeway Tradex connects buyers and sellers in the built environment sector

Suppliers trading in the platform
7.5 m
Invoices processed in 2023
£ 18 bn
Invoice value processed in 2023

What are the benefits of using Causeway Tradex?

Causeway Tradex provides secure and predictable invoice delivery. Your invoices are received in a format that will be quickly imported and processed, resulting in fewer errors and delays in processing your invoices for payment. It is an e-trading connection that is used by organisations throughout the industry which means that your connection will also give you the ability to exchange paperless invoicing with other customers, bringing big benefits:

Increase Efficiency

Analyse information like payment due dates and view references for paid invoices.

Increase Productivity

Upload statements, compare invoices and submit adjustments with the portal's statement reconciliation tool.

Gain Visibility

Monitor and view the status of those invoices submitted through the portal in real-time.

There are two portal connection options

This is a simple and free web-access to Causeway Tradex that allows you to enter your invoice details using an online form.

Alternatively, you can also submit an invoice to your customers and for it to be automatically validated and approved for payment within minutes via an automated connection.

Watch the video to learn more about each option.

Get connected to SGN Group today

Free web access

This is a simple and free web-access to Tradex that allows you to enter your invoice details using an online form. Tradex Portal is not integrated with your back office applications, but is ideal for companies who only exchange a low number of documents, allowing organisations to start exchanging invoices electronically immediately and without any start-up costs. This connection type includes attachments, reports, PO flip, invoice templates and 7-year archiving. As a member of the SGN Group supply chain you will have been sent an email with a unique sign up link included. Please follow this link to begin your trading relationship.

Automated connections

For suppliers, there is a second connection option that allows you to submit an invoice to your customers and for it to be automatically validated and approved for payment within minutes by setting-up a supplier automated connection.

In its simplest form, with an automated connection, Causeway Tradex will receive your invoices in a dedicated file format from your finance system, directly applying your customer validations.

This is designed to save hours in manual re-keying.

Frequently asked questions and resources

How-to video: entering an invoice
How-to video: statement reconciliation
How can I view or accept invitations on Causeway Tradex?

After you log in to Causeway Tradex, you will see a blue banner with a message at the top of the welcome page. This banner displays any pending invitations that have not yet been accepted. Alternatively, you can access invitations by clicking the bell icon at the top right hand corner of the welcome page.

How can I change my user details?

You can change the details within your user profile by expanding the My Details menu on the left pane and then clicking My Details. In the My Details - Edit page displayed, you can amend or add details such as your name, contact number and password.

How can I change my company details?

To change your company address or contact details, expand the My Details menu on the left pane and click the My Details option. The address details are on the second My details - Edit page. To change your company name and/or VAT number, first contact in Causeway Tradex, trading partners to ensure that they have the new details set up in their accounts system, and then contact Causeway at  In some circumstances, a new company may need to be created on Causeway Tradex.

How do I raise credit?

To raise a credit, click Invoices from the left pane and then click Create Online Credit. In the Create online credit – Create page, you can raise a credit in the same way as you do an invoice.  Alternatively you may have the Create Online Credit option saved as a shortcut in the centre of the home page when you log in.

How can I view invoices or credits I have sent?

To view the sent invoices or credits sent, click Invoices from the left menu, and then select View Invoices Sent. In the View invoices sent - list page, you can use the filters to search for invoices and credits that you have sent. For example, you can search for an invoice or credit note by using the document (invoice) number as the search text.

How do I know if my customer has received my invoice?

Once you log in to Causeway Tradex, click Invoices from the main menu on the left, and then click View Invoices Sent. In the View invoices sent - list page, you can search for invoices using the filters. Invoices with a status of Not D/L (Not Downloaded) have been successfully added on to Causeway Tradex, but they have not yet been sent to your customer. Invoices with a status of Downloaded have been successfully sent to your customer.

How do I find the status of an invoice and when it is due to be paid?

You can view the payment status of invoices sent if you have enabled the Payment Status module. By default, the View payment status - list page will only display the payment status within the last three months. To view the older payment status details, you can edit the date in the sent from field or remove the default date displayed. To view the payment status of invoices, perform the following steps: Click Invoices > View payment status from the Document Exchange tab. You can filter / search on an Invoice Number or Receiver to see individual Invoice Payment status’. This will then show if a scheduled payment status is available or not.

How do I submit a subcontract invoice?

For those suppliers who send subcontractor invoices, please note that currently Causeway Tradex does not process subcontractor invoices. Please follow the existing process via the divisional commercial teams.

How do I submit a pro forma invoice?

Please issue a valid VAT invoice as Causeway Tradex does not process pro forma invoices or invoices that are not HMRC compliant.

Why was my invoice rejected?

If your online invoice is rejected, a red box will appear with an error message. Please read the message thoroughly, as it will explain exactly why your invoice is failing. If you still believe that your invoice should not be failing, save the invoice and then contact your customer. When you save the invoice, the customer support team can view the invoices to determine problems. Saving the invoice also allows you to quickly resubmit the invoice once the problems are resolved.

How do I invoice a customer that is not on my trading partner list?

If you would like to send invoices to a company that is not on your trading partner list, contact them directly for approval. If they are already using Causeway Tradex, they can send you an invitation directly.

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Get started with an automated connection

If you send more than 10 invoices a month to SGN Group, we think a Causeway Tradex automated connection would be helpful to your organisation by creating big operational efficiencies. 

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