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Watch the video below to see what companies like MGroup, Kier and Balfour Beatty are doing to manage and track profitability in real-time with complete transparency. 



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Push your project performance to the next level

Instant cost capture

Identify value, control costs and drive profit through instant cost capture and reporting.

Manage costs better

Connect disparate data into one source of truth, getting complete transparency over your project performance.

Integrate your software

Our software integrates into your current accounting solution and handles your construction specific needs.

Improve collaboration

Build trust within your organisation, encourage collaboration, and promote effective decision-making.


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Causeway's commercial management solution enables you to proactively manage projected profits and keep track of costs, value, budgets, time and change throughout a construction project’s lifecycle which could make the difference between profit and loss. It helps you to deliver large infrastructure projects on time and budget.

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