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Construction Sentiment Survey 2017
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Insights to help you plan for the future

The results of the Construction Sentiment Survey 2017 have now been published and are available as a free download from this page.

Construction Industry Sentiment Report

The results provide a fascinating insight into current perceptions as well as future challenges and opportunities. As such, it will help construction companies plan for the increased resilience and agility they will need to thrive in the coming years.

Carried out by Causeway Technologies and Barbour ABI, the survey consulted construction industry professionals on a wide range of issues, ranging from skilled labour shortages, currency fluctuations, rising materials costs, technological developments and the implications of Brexit.

To download a free copy of the report, please complete the form.

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As one of the world’s leading suppliers of software for the built environment, Causeway solutions play a key role through the Design, Build, Operate and Maintain phases of the built environment.

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Barbour ABI is a leading provider of construction intelligence services. With a team of in-house research specialists and a dedicated economics team, it provides commercially relevant insight and unique analysis of trends and developments within the building and construction industry.

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“The industry appears to be learning its lessons from the years of subdued performance between 2009 and 2012 with many considering closely its initiatives for growth, issues facing their businesses but also ensuring the systems are in place to ensure they can weather any future downturn.”

Michael Dall, Lead Economist – Barbour ABI