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20 Reasons To Switch From Excel To Causeway Estimating

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Save Time and Reduce Risk with Dedicated Estimating Software

  1. Speed up tender production to bid for more work without sacrificing accuracy.

  2. Work with multiple users on the same estimate, with changes automatically incorporated into the latest version.

  3. Manage sub-contractor enquiries and responses using automated processes through a cloud-based information exchange platform.

  4. View and interrogate information for tender adjudication through a dashboard providing high-level visibility and drill down capabilities.

  5. Easily make changes to the whole estimate with a single action, including the substitution of one resource for another and changing resource rates. 

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Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets

Where Excel-based systems often create inefficiencies in tendering processes, Causeway Estimating provides the flexibility, connectivity, and ease of use necessary for smarter, more productive, and more profitable work. To find out more about Causeway Estimating and how it can help your business build estimates more efficiently,  get in touch.

See Causeway Estimating In Action

Causeway Estimating automates more time-consuming tasks than any other system. In our next webinar, we demonstrate exactly how you can use automation to avoid duplication, price more work, and save time in the bid process. 

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Built By Estimators, For Estimators

From adjudication and reporting to BIM take-off and eTender, Causeway Estimating is designed to meet estimators' needs through a comprehensive range of tools. Recognising that no two businesses are the same, we offer three Bundle packages to provide the features you need, without the unnecessary costs of those you don't. 

Watch our short overview video to see what's included in our Professional bundle.




Video Overview: Estimating Professional