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Level up your bidding process to win more work with Causeway's Estimating solution

Save time and improve your bid-win rate


Does it feel like all of your time is taken up with boring and repetitive tasks? You could be focusing on projects you enjoy, instead of losing hours on tedious work.


Causeway Estimating is purpose built to handle the mundane workload, allowing you to focus on the areas where you can really add value as an Estimator.


  • 90% - Cut time spent producing BoQs
  • 50% - Reduce tender enquiry costs
  • 40% - Reduce time spent on take-off

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Simple automation

Developed by estimators, for estimators

We designed our interface to work how you think, making your pricing process easy, intuitive and fast

Automate boring and repetitive tasks

Save time and focus on enjoyable work by pulling historical bid data, and industry-standard libraries

Stop costly measurement mistakes

Use our integrated CAD/BIM measurement tool so you'll always have exact measurements

Remote working from anywhere, at anytime

Stay connected and provide greater access to your team with our cloud-based software


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Causeway's estimating solution allows contractors and subcontractors to manage the bidding and tendering process with a comprehensive range of tools to meet any estimator's needs.

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