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Introducing Flow.

“We’ve decided to take on Flow and really run with it, we're switching all of our schemes into Flow and we’ve had no issues with that at all.”

David baker, Managing Director at travis baker

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Flow Drainage Design

The complete set of easy-to-use and powerful software, vital to carry out an optimal and adaptable end-to-end drainage design.

Flow is a hydraulic modelling package for the design and analysis of an optimal, compliant and cost effective storm or foul water drainage networks. Ideal for customers who are looking to purchase a robust, intuitive and affordable alternative to what the market already offers.

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Performance gains for you and your team

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Optimise the resources you have

Provide the team with the licences they require to work as efficiently as possible without breaking the bank.

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All of the tools your team needs

Access all of the tools your team is likely to need, including network analysis, storage and SuDS design, simulation, CAD integration and BIM.

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BIM compliance

Deliver the BIM outputs clients require.

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No need to wait for an available license

All engineers can have access to licences on demand.

PDS modules

Access all of the modules you need

The new subscription bundles mean that the extra packages you would have liked but could not justify could now be available as standard in one of our bundles.

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BIM outputs without changing your workflow

BIM tools allow you to design as usual, but deliver BIM outputs as required.


Network licencing as a standard

Gain a licence manager hosted by Causeway. All licences are wide area networked and ensure optimisation.

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CAD agnostic

Use SmartDrainage to integrate Flow with AutoCAD. Alternatively, integration with PDS will allow you to read and write DWG files as standard, therefore if you run AutoCAD LT it will still work for you.

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Rationalise your supply chain

If you currently have legacy software, Flow will provide your engineers with the latest tools. This will allow you to cut the annual maintenance you pay to other suppliers, saving money on your overall annual spend.

Flow Drainage Design Bundles

Flow Drainage Design software provides powerful tools to handle any drainage design.


For those needing straightforward hydraulic design capability
  • Flow
  • Flow+
  • Drainage Layout and Annotation (SmartDrainage and PDS Drainage)
  • Sketch
  • Flow and MicroDrainage Integration
  • Flow and Autodesk Civil 3D® Integration
  • BIM Design


For those needing to deliver BIM outputs
  • Flow
  • Flow+
  • Drainage Layout and Annotation (SmartDrainage and PDS Drainage)
  • Sketch
  • Flow and MicroDrainage Integration
  • Flow and Autodesk Civil 3D® Integration
  • BIM Design
Training courses

At Causeway, we are committed to providing ongoing support for our products. We have a range of training courses, where you can learn about all the latest techniques and tips that will allow you to use Flow Drainage Design more effectively.


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Not sure which Bundle is right for you?

Gain access to Flow Drainage Design by getting in touch with us.
We would be happy to discuss the best Bundle for you.

Customer efficiency gains and cost savings

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Boost productivity thanks for Flow's intuitive, friendly interface

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Streamlined processes and engineer utilisation

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Save in upfront investment thanks to a subscription delivery

Your Design Technology Partner

At Causeway, we think of ourselves as more than a software provider. We pride ourselves on being your design technology partner.

We work closely with our customers, taking time to understand their challenges, listen to feedback and develop solutions that work for them.

Proud partners
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Get your personalised quote

Gain access to Flow Drainage Design by getting in touch with us. One of our team members will be happy to create a personalised quote for you.

Frequently asked questions

    • Flow Drainage Design is offered as a subscription service because it is a very efficient way to utilise software while minimising the impact on cash flow and providing maximum tax benefit.
    • As a customer, you are able to pick the bundle that best suits your needs and gain access to many productivity tools at a compelling price point.
    • You need to pay for the annual subscription based on the minimum term set out in your agreement when you purchased.
    • No, the prices quoted for the Bundles are based on an annual invoice.
    • Yes, you can always upgrade. For example, if you pick the Professional Bundle as best meeting your immediate needs, then find customers requesting BIM outputs, you can move to the Enterprise Bundle at the difference in cost.