The Mental Health Pledge

The construction industry has a responsibility for the well-being and positive mental health for its on-site workers. With your support, we can lobby government to elevate mental health provision to be a mandatory consideration, alongside the current health and safety procedures.

“I commit to creating a better workplace environment in Construction that includes mental health support for my workforce. I further pledge to back the campaign for mental health provision to be part of the Health & Safety and Social Value procurement conditions for future construction contracts.” 


We recently surveyed over 1,400 construction workers about their mental health and uncovered not just the need for on-site support but a notable eagerness for it. Construction workers agreed that they are more inclined to discuss their mental health when approached proactively.

As a result, we urge construction businesses to commit to providing enhanced mental health support to their workforce. We encourage them to support our campaign advocating for the integration of mental health provisions into the Health & Safety and Social Value criteria for forthcoming construction contracts, by signing our pledge today.

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Mental Health: The true health and safety crisis in construction

Why are we advocating for change? Between May 2022 and September 2023 Trevor Steven - Causeway's mental health ambassador and former England and Everton football player - conducted nationwide construction site visits. Over 1,400 construction workers took our mental health survey unveiling some truly devastating results.


of those surveyed were either currently experiencing or have experienced a mental health problem in the past.


have experienced, or are currently experiencing, suicidal thoughts


of on-site construction employees agree that their company has a responsibility to support their mental health.

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The surveyed individuals primarily comprised full-time employees, self-employed tradespeople, and subcontracted staff actively engaged on-site. The findings underscore the pressing reality that mental health constitutes a paramount health and safety crisis within the contemporary construction industry, exhibiting minimal indications of resolution.

The report titled "Mental Health: The True Health and Safety Crisis in Construction," is now accessible for download.

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