Prompt Payment in Construction: you guide to achieving 45-day payments by 2025

In the Autumn Statement 2023, the Government outlined significant changes to its Procurement Policy. Understanding the impact of these changes is vital, therefore we've provided all  you need to know in this short guide...


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What's covered in the guide

In a time when financial efficiency and ethical business practices are in the spotlight, the UK government has made some big changes to how things work in procurement, especially when it comes to paying promptly. The focus is on helping small businesses thrive and making sure everyone across the supply chain gets treated fairly. These updates are a gamechanger in how the public sector does procurement.

This eBook is a guide for senior financial professionals in construction, breaking down the recent policy changes, why they matter, what’s at stake, and tips to stay on the right side of the rules.

In this guide we look at:

  • Understanding the Changes
  • The Catalyst for Change – why now?
  • Implications for the Construction Sector
  • Looking Ahead: The Future Impact
  • Collaboration is Key to Success
  • Achieving the Requirements
  • The Role of Technology in Prompt Payments

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Prompt Payment in Construction - your guide to achieving 45-day payments by 2025

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