Causeway Flow

Next Generation
Drainage Design Software


A complete end-to-end drainage design solution enabling engineers to design optimal and UK compliant drainage schemes efficiently and cost-effectively.


Causeway Flow is a hydraulic modelling package for the design and analysis of optimal, compliant and cost-effective storm and foul water drainage networks, developed for organisations looking for a robust, intuitive and complete solution.

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Streamline Design, Reduce Costs and Keep Engineering Teams Connected

Streamline design to save time

Intelligent design automation and integrated tools help engineers to spend more time on value engineering.

Stay connected with cloud licensing

Engineers can stay connected to their design solutions at all times with cloud licensing. Access software remotely and take licences offline.

Stop waiting for licenses to become available

Only pay for what you use. Our design software is available in subscription bundles which means consultancies can scale without upfront costs.


Expand Your Design Capabilities

Storm & Foul Drainage Design Icon
Storm & Foul Design

Conveyance and hydraulic analysis allows engineers to ensure designs are compliant.

Sustainable drainage system design (SuDS) Icon
SuDS Design

Ensure outputs are compliant with UK specific drainage design requirements.

Standard Integration

Compatible with Autodesk, AutoCAD® and Civil 3D® or can be used standalone.

Fully BIM Compliant

Deliver the BIM outputs clients require and participate in all projects.

Compliant Design

Ensure outputs are compliant with UK specific drainage design requirements.

Live Design

Real-time design in 3D, longsection and plan allows for intuitive navigation and auditing of results.

Smart Drainage Design Starts with Causeway Flow

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Smart Drainage Design Starts with Causeway Flow

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