Work smarter, not harder
Causeway Tradex


Automating your entire accounts payable process
improves efficiencies and relationships across
your supply chain.


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Construction’s most popular true e-invoicing solution


Built specifically for the construction industry, Causeway Tradex allows you  to automate your entire accounts payable process to reduce costs, save time, remove errors and drive value across your business.


Causeway Tradex provides you with straight-through touchless processing, improving efficiencies between buyer and supplier, and enabling prompter payments to the supply chain. 


Over 69,000 construction companies are already trading through Causeway Tradex. In fact, your supply chain is probably using the platform already. Contact us to find out more >

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Discover true e-invoicing with Causeway Tradex


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Are you spending too much time on accounts payable processes?

Unlike simple scan and capture solutions, Causeway Tradex automates the entire accounts payable process enabling business growth and profitability, all the while helping you build stronger supply chain relationships by increasing on-time payments and reducing risk from human error.

Trust the solution already used by over 69,000 construction companies with a dedicated onboarding team to help you adopt true e-invoicing and flow 95% of your invoices through Tradex in a matter of weeks. Learn More.

Still unsure about true e-invoicing?

We've pulled together some frequently asked questions to help you discover the benefits of a true e-invoicing solution...

I'm still manually rekeying invoice datadown-arrowup Arrow
Tradex removes the need to manually rekey invoices, enabling your accounts payable team to work on value-add tasks – from paying your suppliers on time to helping your credit control team with cash collection. By automating the invoice validation, matching and rejection process, Tradex removes the need for you to hire additional staff as your business grows.​ 
I'm already e-invoicing with PDF scan and capture, isn't that the same thing? down-arrowup Arrow
Simple scan and capture tools only partly automate the invoicing process and can still lead to costly inputting errors that waste staff time, damage supplier relationships and stifle business growth. Causeway Tradex automates the entire accounts payable process. Invoice data is processed against your bespoke business rules, automatically matching and validating them without any human intervention. 
How will I onboard my supply chain? down-arrowup Arrow
Our experienced in-house Tradex Community Management team is the gold-standard when it comes to supply chain support. ​Dedicated experts work with supply chains to connect them to Tradex as quickly as possible, regularly achieving over 95% invoice volume receipt electronically in a matter of weeks. 
How can I reduce invoice processing costs? down-arrowup Arrow
We know that manually validating and matching invoices with POs and GRNs is a costly and time consuming process. Causeway Tradex regularly reduces the cost of invoice processing for users by 80% and can deliver ROI within the first year.​
I'm not sure my supply chain is ready for e-invoicingdown-arrowup Arrow
Causeway Tradex is construction’s most popular e-invoicing platform in the UK, and can be swiftly integrated with the majority of construction-focused ERPs on the market. 59,000 construction companies, from enterprises to start-ups, are already transacting with one another through the Tradex platform, saving more than 80% of the costs associated with manual invoice processing.​ 



Work smarter, not harder with Tradex

There’s a reason why 69,000 construction companies already use Causeway Tradex. The e-invoicing platform is able to connect thousands of buyers to suppliers, providing a secure platform for efficient transactions. See the business benefits for yourself.

So, why not join the largest construction supply chain network in the UK and start using Causeway Tradex today

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