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Webinar: Lessons Learned from Skanska’s Highways Health and Safety Lead

Join us on Tuesday 6th February at 11am

We speak with Liz Brathwaite, health and safety lead for Skanska Highways, as we explore lessons she's learned about workforce management in the highways sector.

Liz will share three strategies being used right now across highways and the impact these strategies have made on Skanska’s operations. 


These are strategies you can deploy across your own workforce to improve the safety and boost the productivity of your workforce at the same time. 

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What's on the agenda?

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  • How your sector can collaborate to improve standards of safety and competence
  • How you can get visibility of your entire workforce's competency, including your supply chain
  • How you can use digital technology to streamline workforce management processes

Meet the speakers

Liz Brathwaite, Skanska's Sector Health & Safety Manager - Highways Major Projects & Energy Sector

Liz round BG

Liz Brathwaite is the Health and Safety Lead for Skanska’s Highways Major Projects business with National Highways. She has over 25 years safety experience working across various sectors but has worked at Skanska for seven years. Liz is a positive disrupter playing a leading role in developing new procedures and approaches that improve site safety, wellbeing and occupational health. She operates at a strategic level and is helping drive the sector’s conversation around competency and improving standards, in particular the development of the Highways Safety Passport.  She is a chartered member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and is an incorporated member of the Association for Project Safety.  


Tanya Morris, Workforce Management Solution Unit Director, Causeway Technologies 


Tanya is a pioneer within the digital workforce management world, having founded Reference Point, which was recently acquired by Causeway.

She has worked with organisations such as Network Rail, National Highways, Kier, Thames Water and Tarmac to help them implement gold-standard technology solutions to keep workers safe and effective. 

Tanya is now the Workforce Management Solution Unit Director for Causeway and is continuing to work towards a safer and more productive workforce across the built environment.


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