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SuDS design, 3D visualisation & animation in Flow v6

Wednesday 29th of November, 12:00 - 12:45 GMT

Join this webinar to find out how our latest release of Flow V6.0 will enhance your capability to design a compliant drainage design based on UK regulatory requirements.

We will use Flow live to demonstrate how to design and audit a typical design submission of a drainage network constituting both traditional and sustainable drainage systems, based on design constraints imposed in the UK. We will demonstrate how to generate greenfield runoff rates based on a new method and use it as a constraint for post development discharge restriction. Our design consisting of various SuDS elements and regular conveyance networks will then be hydraulically tested for multiple extreme events. We will then visualise and animate our network using our latest cutting-edge 3D visualisation and amination tool.

You will be able to request a CPD Certificate at the end of the webinar.



  1. Storage estimate with infiltration
  2. Greenfield runoff rate calculation for small catchment based on a new method
  3. Maximising above and below ground SuDS measure
  4. Designing swales, infiltration trenches, porous paving, green roofs, cellular storage and ponds
  5. Achieving multiple discharge points and testing for compliance
  6. Visualising your design in 3D
  7. Q&A session


Netsanet MebrateNetsanet Mebrate, Product Owner

Netsanet Mebrate brings years of both academic and commercial experience within drainage design software. Having completed a PhD in Scientific Computation, Netsanet is involved in Flow's strategic roadmap, conducts both technical and market research, and builds the training and support capability for Flow.

Tom FoxTom Fox, Sales Executive

Tom Fox has worked in the flood mitigation and drainage sector for 15 years. Tom has worked on site in Europe, the Middle East and in London alongside Thames Water, later using that experience to aid drainage engineers in finding the right design tools for their scope of works.

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